8th September 2017
Our last auction on 16/17th June 2017 was a great success, some areas, especially coins and collections, were almost completely auctioned.

Since the summer holidays were between the last auction and the autumn auction, we were somehow skeptical of getting enough material at all to be able to carry out a qualified auction.

This concern was unfounded. After the holidays many consignors came to us, the post car had to come several times, to deliver all the packages. We can hardly offer coins in this auction, but in a (few decades untouched) item, an unusual thing emerged: the first, official banknote of the world, a paper note from China of the Ming dynasty. The undoubtedly genuine piece is to come from the Chinese imperial palace during the boxer uprising in 1900. We are looking forward to the hammer price.

But also many other, sometimes unusual things are on sale on September 8th. We dissolved a fantastic collection of the Weimar Republic, in which many rare house order numbers and other specialties were included. Many, more than 200 year old, letters from southern Europe with disinfection post are also philatelistic fascinating.

Particularly rich in this auction are single lots with areas such as Old Germany (with good cover material) and the german local issues.
At this point I would also like to draw your attention to our section "Motif and Theme Philately" at the end of the catalog. There are some really exciting collections on offer, some even awarded with medals.

The Theme-Philately is gaining more and more friends. Also the offer of picture postcards, collections and lots is qualified, offering a bid is worthwhile. Much would have deserved a mention here, it will be the best you study the catalog carefully.

An anniversary is on: Our 100th auction takes place as announced on the 8/9th December 2017. We already have exquisite consignments to this event, including collections in the six-digit value range. If you would like to consign qualified numismatic or philatelic material, it would be well placed in our auction.
And now we wish you much fun with studying this catalog and have a nice late summer.

With kind regards from Hildesheim

Klaus Veuskens
and the auction house team

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