Not every collector or heir of collections wants to sell directly. Often, it is the first interest to know the true commercial value of a collection.

In this case, the Auction and Trading House Veuskens team is always available to help you if you need professional support. Due to our long and active market experience, we are able to reate a valuation report for you every time.

You just have to submit us your collection here in Hildesheim, upon prior arrangement. You then get the material acknowledged and, depending on workload and scope of your property, you will receive a neutral valuation within 14 days.

The costs for a valuation are depending on the expenditure of time. We can name you the approximate expenditure of time at the handover of the object. Expect to pay 79,90 Euro plus VAT per hour.

If you want to consign your items after the valuation, the calculation of the hours will be eliminated.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have by phone.